Game On

“Game On” Trailer

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Drum roll. Here’s the (first) trailer for “Game On”. T At this time we cannot post this video because it contains copyrighted music that we do not hold rights too. This film was made as an experiment and a testing… Read More »“Game On” Trailer

Work-A-Day (Stills)

Here are a series of shots taken during the shooting of “Game On”, BombshellStudios first production. Lots of action, lots of hub-bub and a good number of people breaking their butts to make this happen.

Filming “Game On”

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Been a very intense weekend. Two days of 12 hour filming for my first 20 minute short film in over 15 years. We also film next weekend and then it’s hitting the editing booth hard and heavy. The first pic… Read More »Filming “Game On”