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World Premiere of No-Good Maxine

The World Premiere of No-Good Maxine is finally here. It’s November 6th from 3-4:30 pm at the historic Varsity Theatre in downtown Chapel Hill. We’re very excited to have our first premiere in an actual theatre. The concession stand will be open so you can get your popcorn and drinks and have that full movie going experience.

No-Good Maxine was supported by a number of local folks who will be at the premiere. They’ll also be a chance to meet the cast and crew and talk with them about bringing this sweet and wonderful film to fruition.

Seats are limited, so if you are interested please leave us a comment here (you must be registered with the site to comment – this way we can get an email address where we can send a verification.


Maxine (Lozoff) can’t figure it out. Someone or something has been leaving things for Maxine in a culvert just outside the trailer park. Things she and her family (Chester, Flynn, Friedrichs) need. Things she’d either have to spend her meager paycheck on or steal.  And she’s stolen before out of desperation but stealing is stealing, thieves are thieves. In fact, the whole damn town, including her boss (Armstrong) knows about her and they don’t take kindly to that kind of behavior. Some think she’s no-good. Even Maxine thinks she’s no-good. The one person who does seem to believe in her, in her own odd way, is her best friend, Yolanda (Russoli). How’s she supposed to justify accepting a whole box of frozen dinners or oil for the pick-up? More importantly, how’s she supposed to convince herself that she’s worthy, that she’s better than no-good?

Directed by Michael Babbitt and starring Melissa Lozoff, Jennifer Russoli, Elijah Chester, Andrew Friedrichs, Max Flynn and Lee Armstrong, this is wonderous and magical story from Bombshell Studios about love and acceptance in a tough, tough world.

Bombshell Studios is an award-winning production film and video studio dedicated to producing the highest quality projects possible.  Bombshell Studios recently produced the award-winning short film “Elimination” in 2009 and has produced several music videos and the short film “Game On.” Bombshell Studios has access to experienced directors, actors, writers, videographers, sound engineers, and below-the-line crew with over 60 years of combined experience in their fields.