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Time Waits for No One

There’s a lot that’s been going on of late. It’s a bit crazy and the progress works like a robot who has an unadjusted catalytic converter. One day FACES takes a giant step forward and then is lulled into torpor. Another day, Project Whiskey takes a massive leap and then it flutters to a dream. Commercials, work-for-hire and other tidbits and nibbles jockey for a little attention, get it, and then promptly run off with the pool boy.

June 16th the final pickups will be shot for FACES. It’s a relief actually. But once integrated into the main footage I think it’s going to make it something beautiful and provocative. It’ll only take a couple of weeks to finish the edit and then final grading and soundtrack will be all that’s left. Deadline August 1. Please nag me about this.

Some of you are wondering about Project Whiskey. I never like to jump the gun but we’re getting close. I will say this. In about three weeks Project Whiskey will be incorporated as an umbrella for something that, as H.P. Lovecraft says, must not be named. Not for fear of secrecy, no. Because it is so terrifying that to understand it, to grasp it in all its horrifying presence, is to go insane. Evil has no name.