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Thomas Gamble (Composer)

Thomas GambleComposer and producer, Thomas Gamble, was born in New Orleans L.A. and raised in Charlotte N.C. where at the age of 13 discovered he had an ear for music. Learning to play piano and compose were the first steps in a conscious decision to pursue music as a career. Earning a Bachelor of Music in piano performance and composition from UNC Chapel Hill provided Thomas with the skills needed to begin a career in music production and composition in earnest. With admittedly much to learn, and with an unending passion for producing the best sounding work, Thomas currently works and resides in the Raleigh area seeking talented people with whom to collaborate and challenging projects to undertake. His most recent credit was the score for the award-winning short film “Elimination” from Bombshell Studios. With now several years of professional experience writing film scores, producing local artists, and working as a freelance composer/arranger, Thomas is eager to take his career to the next level.