FACES and the Big Secret

So FACES continues to progress. Near the end of the rough cut it became more apparent that there was an element, while inherent and suggested in the story, hadn’t been filmed and needed to be. While the rest of the cut is solidified and the composer and I get down to work for the soundtrack over the next month or so I’ll be doing a few extra days of shooting. Very simple little vignettes that will take only a few hours each day to tackle. But these will really polish the essence of Helen’s heart and the demons she must face.

That said, most who know me (and the company, Bombshell Studios), are already privy to the fact that we have been slowly crunching our way through conception for a feature film. It started almost two years ago and after three developed scripts, several mis-starts, a number of other hiccups (lawyers) and the development of a dynamite business plan, the jumping off point has been reached.

The script is complete. And while every film script is mutating even into post-production, the foundation, structure and fantastic characters are all in place. That’s all I can say right now about the script.

The current working title is “The Unspeakable Oath”.

Investment procurement starts in April or May and will continue as long as is necessary. The goal, however, is to obtain the funds within a year which would put pre-production around January/February 2014.

I’m very excited.