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“No Good Maxine” Wins!

Bombshell Studios would like to announce the winner of our 2010 screenwriting contest: “No Good Maxine.”

The script was written by Joshua O’Dell.

Maxine can’t figure it out. She’s not sure she wants to. Items she and her family need somehow keep appearing in a culvert outside of her trailer park: socks for her kids, toilet paper, milk, dog food. They’re all things she’d either have to spend her meager paycheck on or steal.

And she has stolen before out of desperation. But stealing is stealing; thieves are thieves. In fact, the whole damn town knows about her and they don’t take kindly to that kind of thing. Some think she’s no-good. Even Maxine thinks she’s no-good.

People ask, how’s she supposed to justify bringing home a whole box of frozen dinners? More importantly, how’s she supposed to convince herself that she’s better than no-good.

No Good Maxine goes into pre-production in the month of April with a targeted production shooting date in the early to mid fall. Keep an eye out, you never know what you’ll find in the strangest of places.