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Lee Armstrong (Donald)

Lee Armstrong is having a great year in 2010 with 11 new films & 2 TV episodes. He played a lead as Al, the angel of mercy, in Mori-Dog Movies’ comedy feature “Dead End Job” that won AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD @ Cape Fear Independent Film Festival, played a lead as the nefarious Rev. Rape in “5ive,” Harry the Organist in the SAG feature “The Wise Kids,” the booze-swilling dad in “Witch’s Brew,” crime boss Patrizio in “San Souci Showdown,” a lonely neighbor in “The Complex,” a clothing store clerk in the feature “Push Came to Shove,” a lethal bartender with a garotte in “Ace of Spades,” a government official briefing secret service on a terrorist attack in “As the Crow Flies,” the unfeeling boss Mr. P in “Smoking Kills,” a political conspirator in “Silentium Est Aurem” & the retiring carrier Vic in Episode 1 of the webcam series “The Carrier” and featured as a man having sex in the woods for the Tru TV show “Southern Fried Stings.” Lee achieved a career high in terms of quantity of work in 2009 with 19 films and a pilot. Leads included a computer specialist who gets caught up in an assassination plot in the Bombshell Studios production “Elimination” that won 4th SHORT FILM @ the Skyfest III Film Festival in Asheville.