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Launching FACES with Less Than a Thousand Ships

FACES is in it’s final post-production throes. Simply put she is all finished but for the score and that is currently being brought to exquisite life by Thomas Gamble (Elimination and No-Good Maxine.)

This means a number of things. First and foremost I get a break (though not a very long one because we have something to announce next month that has been gestating for a long, long time.)

Second, FACES starts the festival rounds. In fact, she was just entered into her first festival, the Omaha International Film Festival. The deadline arrived and though FACES wasn’t finished I contacted the festival and they readily agreed to accept the entry as a work in progress knowing that she would be done by festival time if necessary. I’ve got about 12 festivals in mind to enter FACES in, most are next year but Omaha was one I wanted to try and make this year due to the fit I think the piece has with their mission. Some of the other festivals FACES will be submitted to are the AlbanyFilmFest, Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival, and the St Albans Film Festival. Locally the Carrboro Film Festival is on our list as well. I’ve done a good deal of research trying to find festivals that might take to a piece that isn’t a typical narrative film.

Lastly, because of the whole festival ordeal we can’t put FACES online until we’re done with the rounds, the festivals tend to get a little grouchy if the film is available elsewhere. That said, I’m going to put it in a YouTube account and make it private. Should anyone, at anytime, be interested in viewing it just contact me through the website here.