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“Elimination” Redux

The AgentsReshoots and pickups wrapped today on “Elimination”. These little extras are going to put the stamp of awesomeness on the film. Second edit done this coming week. Rough cut of Hopped this week and a whole can of whoop….

…we interupt this program to bring you a special bulletin. There are incoming mixed reports concerning an incident in the suburb of Hillsborough, NC that have been linked to a string of deadly murders in the last few hours. Police have no suspects and the identities of the victims have not yet been released to the public. If anyone in the northern Hillsborough area should have any information concerning these crimes please contact…

…but we’re still on target. Everything is looking good and the cast saw the second cut today and even with everything that was missing they seemed to like it. Click here for the Elimination trailer.

As always, grab some popcorn, keep watching and don’t blink.