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Bombshell Leader

Leader StillI’ve been toying around with the idea of a leader for Bombshell Studio films. Now technically it’s not a leader (a leader is that thing you see that often counts down from six or seven or something like that, it’s actually to assist in loading film into the projector) however, I have no idea what these things are actually called. So if you’re a film brainiac and can tell me, I’d love to know.

Essentially what I’m creating is that little short 10-15 second ‘advert’ that companies put in front of their films, like the Paramount Pics giant letters, or Columbia Pics torch lady.

I have something way more complicated in mind eventually (involving Jessica Hiltabidle and a B-17 bomber but you’ll have to wait for that one) but here’s what I’m thinking of using for the foreseeable future. Any and all comments are welcome.