The Endless Whispers
  • 12
  • 02
  • 2016

One night in our very near future, the world as we knew it ended with four words spoken in an ancient, mystical language — words of corruption, madness, despair, and doom.

Three years pass. Our dead world continues to rot. Inside a heavily fortified compound, a reclusive soldier desperately seeks to quiet his inner demons. Outside in the ruined landscape, vicious sub-human creatures hunt the few remaining humans with a preternatural ruthlessness. The survivors barely cling to sanity while a whispering evil endlessly torments them.

When circumstances bring the soldier and some of the survivors together against their will, they soon find it a struggle to simply coexist. Meanwhile, a massive horde of psychotic predators descends upon the compound from all over the shattered city. And when it is revealed that a unseen merciless enemy has infiltrated their ranks, panic and distrust set in.

Although the soldier witnesses the worst humanity has to offer in this eclectic group of uninvited guests, he also sees the best. Can he get them out of the compound alive? Who will resist the faceless terror? And who, God forbid, will submit to it?

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Principal Photography begins 2016.

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