No-Good Maxine and the Carrboro Film Festival
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No-Good Maxine and the Carrboro Film Festival

Just submitted to the Carrboro Film Festival Before we get to excited though, it’s just a working copy. As mentioned in a previous post we still have one ADR session left and then a few tidbits to wrap up. I’ll let a little cat out of the bag and say the premiere will most likely be October. With vacation coming in September we don’t want to feel to crunched for time. When the actual date is selected, you’ll hear it here first.

Just for fun. Here’s another photo from on the set. You’d think we were union guys, what with all the work that appears to be getting done. And, yes, sharp eyes will note that is a cameo by Nic Beery.

photo ©2010 Teresa Pigeon

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No-Good Maxine and the Carrboro Film Festival
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Elimination will be showing at this year’s SparkCon. Come check it out on a big screen! More information can be found at the SparkCon website.
No-Good Maxine and the Carrboro Film Festival
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I head up to Henderson, NC tomorrow to do some location scouting for a music video.