Krista Babbitt (Executive Producer)
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Krista Babbitt (Executive Producer)

Previously, Krista worked in a wide variety of organizational contexts from an automotive manufacturing employee relations department to a large hospital training and development group where she taught management development. Additional roles she has played include social research in a university setting, HR consulting, and project team leadership. The common thread in all these roles has been organizational development; creating business systems, improving communications, and facilitating the work of employees at all levels of companies of diverse size and mission. She has helped engage employees in ways that promote their individual success while achieving positive results for the organization. Krista brings her track record for understanding how to adapt practices to fit divergent needs to the film production life-cycle from pre-production through post-production. She will play a special role with investors during the production phase as a liaison for those interested in participating in any way in the making of the film. Krista brings this consulting expertise to her role as Business Manager for Bombshell Studios where she applies her skills to maximize the likelihood that people in the film industry with very diverse talents are successful in working together for the good of each creative project.

Krista has a Master of Arts in Communication Studies with a focus on Organizational Communication from the University of North Carolina and a BS in Forestry from Clemson University. Krista wrote her thesis on communication & quality improvement practices of an organization jointly owned by employees and consumers. This provided a unique perspective on the concept of joint ownership which she brings to the collaboration of movie makers.

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  • Karen Richmond
    Posted October 4, 2010


    I am currently seeking employment within the entertainment industry. I live in the Garner area and would like to speak with you regarding an administrative assistant position. Thank you for your time.


    Karen Richmond

    • producer
      Posted February 12, 2011


      This is terribly late, I know. We went straight from production in Oct and Nov into post and have just been slammed. I have given your information to my wife and we would love to talk to you about future opportunities. We haven’t forgotten!

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