“What I’m Bout” is officially in the can. (Applause) I pass off the gold master in a few days and then I can officially put that into the DONE pile. I’ll be updating the web version here in a few days as some small changes were made.

On Wednesday I got called in to be the Cinematographer (although I couldn’t be there for one afternoon of shooting due to a prior conflict) for a short film in Durham called “Hooped” (pics here). It’s a drama about a young man who gets caught up with a bad crowd and his father who experienced an almost identical circumstance when he was young. It’s poignant but sad. I’ll be doing the editing as well so you’ll be hearing more about this in the future.

And now for the news on “Elimination.”

Editing goes well. I’ve got three minutes of rough cut footage done and things are shaping up nicely. There is a possibility I may need to do two pick-up shots but I’ll know more for certain as the whole piece comes together. That said, the trailer should be out end of next week.

Stay tuned and don’t skimp on the popcorn!