Casting Call Sheet for a short, approximately 30 minutes, independent film from Bombshell Studios, LLC (

MAXINE, 30-40 years old, female. Earthy, strong willed. Caring. Sensitive. Maxine is a little depressed and afraid she isn’t good enough for her family. Lead.

YOLANDA, 30-40 years old, female. Fun, exciting. She’s at home in a beauty shop or in a coffee shop and she can talk your ear off to prove it. Not bright but not stupid. Makes people smile. Supporting.

CARL, 35-45 years old, male. Outdoors-man. Very capable. Weathered. Supporting.

RAY, 8-10, male. Full of energy. Under his brother’s thumb but he knows how to get around it when he wants to. Can take on kids bigger than he is because he faces his brother every day. Featured.

JACK, early teens, male. Strong and capable like his dad but a bit of a bully (it’s just that age.) Likes to lord it over his little brother but no one else can pick on Ray. If anyone else does, they’d have to face Jack’s wrath. Featured.

Auditions will be held Saturday, June 26th from 11 am until 6 pm with callbacks on Sunday June 27th from 12 pm until 6 pm if necessary. Call or email to choose an audition time. Audition times will be in blocks of 20 minutes. A monologue is requested but not required. Callbacks will involve prepared sides from the script . Please send headshot and resume by email if possible.

Shooting dates are currently planned from Sept 3rd through Sept 12th. Scheduled shooting days will be determined by the role. Maxine will be filming virtually every day, Yolanda 6-7 days. Carl, Ray and Jack have about two days of filming.

Shooting locations will be in the RDU NC area.

ABOUT THE PRODUCTION: Maxine can’t figure it out. She’s not sure she wants to. Someone or something has been leaving things for Maxine in a culvert just outside the trailer park. Things she and her family need: socks for her kids, toilet paper, milk, dog food. They’re all things she’d either have to spend her meager paycheck on or steal. She has stolen before out of desperation but stealing is stealing, thieves are thieves. In fact, the whole damn town knows about her and they don’t take kindly to that kind of behavior. Some think she’s no-good. Even Maxine thinks she’s no-good. How’s she supposed to justify accepting a whole box of frozen dinners or oil for the pick-up? More importantly, how’s she supposed to convince herself that she’s worthy, that she’s better than no-good?

ABOUT BOMBSHELL STUDIOS: Bombshell Studios is an award-winning production film and video studio dedicated to producing the highest quality projects possible.  Bombshell Studios recently produced the award-winning short film “Elimination” in 2009 and has produced several music videos and the short film “Game On.” Bombshell Studios has access to experienced directors, actors, writers, videographers, sound engineers, and below-the-line crew with over 60 years of combined experience in their fields.  Its members are professional, well-trained, and love what they do.

Contact information:
Michael Babbitt
Please include in the email subject line: [NGM].