Bombshell Studios is going to be spending a great deal of time in dark rooms with the eerie glow of the computer screen. Editing for Elimination is done and now grading and sound are the priority. Editing and grading are also done for Hooped and sound is about half done. Save the Last One has not yet finished shooting and I’ve only been able to do minimal editing on it, so that becomes priority one come Monday (Nov 9) when shooting has wrapped. Given that both Hooped and StLO are due to the BET contest by November 30th, everything possible will be done to get both there. Have no concerns about Hooped as it is very near completion.

Thank you to all the composers who have sent me information about their work. I’ve gotten over 30 replies and am sorting through each one to narrow down the field a bit. At this time we won’t be taking anymore demo tapes but thank you to everyone who showed interest, you will all be contacted over the next few weeks whether you make the short list or not. And I hope we can keep all of your information for future productions.